Sports Team TraininG :

strength & Conditioning | Speed & AGILITY | SOCCER TRAINING  

Sport's Team Training is for teams of all ages. The main focus is to help athletes understand and reach their peak athletic performance, regardless of their age.


Starting at age 7, we will introduce sports performance by focusing on building the base of neuromuscular communication through the use of proper technique and execution. Ages 12-14, will focus on the progression of strength training. The emphasis will be on moving with greater safety, speed, and efficiency. Ages 15-18, will focus on power lifting, speed drills and plyometrics. The college age athletes, and older, will have more intensity in their workouts.

1 Month

Strength and Conditioning


$150/a session for 1x week 

$125/a session for 2x week  

3 Month

Strength and conditioning 

$140/a session for 1x week 

$115/a session for 2x week  

1-3 Month

Technical soccer sessions


$150 a session for 1x week 

$125 a session for 2x week  

*Programs with a mixture of strength & conditioning and technical soccer sessions can be created upon request