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Personal  Training
In-person training | 1-on-1 virtual training


Full90Fitness is proud to offer the BEST and most AFFORDABLE personal training options for every individual looking to improve their health! NO more paying big box gyms $80-120 an hour for Personal Training. No cancellation, annual contract, or other hidden fees big box gyms use.

Real results in 3 months or the program is FREE! That's right. 

If we can't statistically prove positive results at the end of 3 months, you get your money back. 

That is how confident we are in our training expertise.  


Training will consist of individualized adult training sessions that are 60 minutes long and focus on a wide range of client goals. This option is great for anyone looking to lose weight/body fat, increase fitness levels, gain muscle and strength, and/or simply improve overall health.


Before starting your training, we want to develop a plan that meets your goals and is personalized to your needs. We will discuss these goals and create a program that is perfect for you, in a short meeting/phone call prior to training. In the first training session, we will assess your health and fitness through a few short fitness tests. From there, we will be able to determine the direction of your program. These tests will also serve as a baseline to keep track of your progress.  


in-person Training rate

Monthly Rate: 

1 Day a Week: $200

2 Days a Week: $225

3 Days a Week: $250

4 Days a Week: $275

1on1: $75/a session 

 1-on-1 virtual Training 

Virtual 1 on 1 training will consist of a personalized program tailored to the individuals goals and needs based off of the initial assessment (Phone call/Zoom/FaceTime). Weekly scheduled phone calls or facetimes, exercise form/posture breakdown and correction, and 24/7 access to personal phone number to answer any questions/concerns you may have. 

1 Month Sign-up: $200/mo 

3 Month Sign-up: $175/mo  

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