Full90Fitness is proud to offer the best Individual and Small group soccer training in Kansas City. Focusing on elevating any athlete’s game to the next level.

 Soccer training is offered to soccer athletes of all ages. 


Soccer sessions will focus on enhancing an athlete's ball control, awareness, first touch, strength on the ball, passing, movement in space, and speed of play. 

Lessons will take place at: 

- Team Work Sports KC (Indoor Turf Facility in Waldo)

- Bishop Miege North Campus (Outdoor Field)

Summer and Winter Programs are available for sign-up year round; these programs consist of both technical soccer sessions and strength & conditioning sessions to create the best well-rounded soccer athletes in Kansas City. Click on the summer/winter program tab to sign up! 

1 on 1 Sessions

Monthly cost



1 Day a week: $225/mo

2 Days a week: $275/mo

3 Days a week: $300/mo

Small Group (3+ Athletes)

Per Session Costs for small group sessions 

$30 per athlete/per session


$25 per athlete/per session if signing up for more then 1 month long sessions


Strength/Conditioning & Technical soccer sessions

These programs consisting of both Strength & Conditioning and Technical Soccer Sessions. Available only in monthly plans.

1 Day a week: $225/mo

2 Days a week: $275/mo

3 Days a week: $300/mo

Soccer Training : 

Technical training | passing & Finishing | Goalie TRAINING