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Sports Performance Training
strength & Conditioning | Speed & AGILITY | Team training



Full90Fitness is proud to offer Kansas City the best strength/conditioning, sports performance, and Team training it has to offer. 

No more big group training sessions of 8+ athletes. Every athlete is different, so every athlete will get their own individualized program to follow. There will be no more than 3 to 4 athletes per sports performance session.

(1 on 1 Sessions available)


Sports Performance Training is for athletes of all ages and backgrounds. We offer personalized training programs that are designed to improve an athlete's athletic performance. Sessions can be 60 to 75 minutes long and can consist of speed and agility work, power and explosiveness, muscular endurance and strength training, core stability, mobility, and/or cardiovascular conditioning based off of the athletes goals/needs. 


Each of these components are based on demands of the sport the athlete participates in. Prior to training, the athlete will undergo an assessment of tests to serve as a baseline for improvement throughout the program. These tests will be specific to the sport and will be implemented throughout training.


Strength & ConditioninG
Speed & AGILITY 

Monthly Rate: 

1 Day a Week: $200

2 Days a Week: $225

3 Days a Week: $250

4 Days a Week: $275

1on1: $75/a session 

Sports Team Training

Monthly Rate: 

$150/a session for 1x a week 

$125/a session for 2x a week  

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